MPT provides design services for micromachined devices and related control electronics.

MPT has experience with inventing, designing, developing, and manufacturing unique micro/nano sensing systems.

MPT Experience and Comprehensive Capabilities

  • 35 years of MEMS device and electronics design
  • Expertise in dynamic system analysis using Matlab/Simulink
  • Expertise in solids modeling and finite element analysis
  • Extensive magnetic circuit design experience
  • Expertise electrostatic forcer design experience
  • Crystal quartz  micromachined vibrating beam accelerometer technology
  • Silicon vibration beam accelerometer technology
  • Coriolis MEMS gyro design and fabrication technology
  • Design of analog & digital electronics for micromachined gyro technology
  • MEMS bio-chemical sensor technology
  • MEMS wireless bio-medical pressure sensor technology
  • Space radiation tolerant analog and digital electronics
  • High temperature ruggedized electronics design
  • Borehole accelerometer and gyro development experience
  • MEMS disk drive technology
  • MEMS optical scanning technology

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