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MEMS Precision Technology, Inc (MPT) is a new company founded in 2002 and with our headquarters in Santa Barbara, Ca. We develop MEMS based sensors and related control systems. We offer exciting contract opportunities in state-of-the-art MEMS based real time product development for those with critical skills that will help us grow. We offer flexible work hours and great opportunity for a technologist who is results orientated and desires the challenge of working in a socially positive development atmosphere with a small team of talented employees. We are experiencing tremendous growth and have an immediate need for your skills so apply to the specific openings below.  Due to the need to fill these positions immediately, we ask that only those already living in the local area apply. The duration of the job is expected to be part time over 4 to 5 months with the potential to develop to a full time position and the Pay Rate: DOE.  Send your resume to jobs@memspt.com.



The responsibilities and duties of this position include but are not limited to:

  • The Chemist will develop goal-oriented solutions for our customer’s sensing problems. Challenges include short development schedule, resource constraints, and evolving customer goals for greater performance and accuracy.
  • As a member of the technical staff, the Chemist must demonstrate initiative in exploring advanced technical approaches using the latest organic and inorganic coating technologies as well as testing and documenting the research.
  • The Chemist will be responsible for the development and testing of numerous thin film surface coatings of a MEMS chemical sensing array. The target compound capture effectiveness, selectivity, and robustness of various coating compounds must be evaluated in order to develop signatures for target chemical compounds and rejections of false positive signals.
  • The Chemist is responsible for working with the MEMS Process engineer and the mechanical engineer in the development of the MEMS sensor design to ensure compatibility with thin film coating options.
  • The equipment at the UCSB Nanofabrication Facility will be employed for thin film coating design, application and analysis.
  • The Chemist will work with government laboratories and senior university chemists to ensure state of the art technology is incorporated in this sensor system to maximize sensitivity, selectivity, and robustness.
  • Participate in internal research and development (IRAD) and one-of-a-kind developments of portable chemical and biological sensor prototypes.


  • PhD in chemistry, chemical engineering, polymer science and engineering, or material science area.
  • Industrial or post-doctoral research experience (0-3 years) and previous experience with polymer chemistry and characterization, synthetic chemistry, organic chemistry, and/or biomaterials.
  • Proficiency with analytical chemistry and hands-on laboratory research is required.
  • MEMS/NANO coating experience is highly desirable.
  • The candidate must have a demonstrated research and development abilities in polymer formulation, structures and properties of polymer materials, polymer processing, polymer chemistry, photochemistry, surface chemistry, adhesion and adsorption, nanomaterials, self-assembly of molecules and nanoparticles, or equivalent / related areas.
  • Knowledge in DNA materials, DNA chemistry, and DNA-molecule manipulation is a plus.
  • Self motivation and the ability to work independently while maintaining good communication is a must.

Contact: Dr John Dunfield at dunfield@memspt.com

MPT is an equal opportunity employer.

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