Dr. John C. Dunfield

Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Dr John C Dunfield has over 40 years of development and technical leadership with 55 patents and is a co-founder of MEMS Precision Technology (MPT) in 2002.   His MEMS based product experience includes accelerometer and gyro sensors for IMUs, scanning mirror systems, and components for hard disk drives in addition to MPT MEMS products in development. This MEMS based background is complemented by experience in digital and analog electronics, high shock hardened systems, electronics for radiation environments, and low power systems.  Dr Dunfield founded Dunfield Consulting Group , co-founded Nuclear Radiation Hardening Assoc. LLC  and as VP-Engineering he was a founding participate in the start-up of Northern Magnetics He has taught Electrical Engineering at McGill University and Arizona State University, and is a member of IEEE and SPIE, and has completed a Surface MEMS Course at Sandia National Labs. .  He has held senior positions at Xerox and Seagate where he gained important experience in design and production for high volume.  Dr Dunfield’s gained indispensable aerospace experience with Lockheed (Palo Alto Research Centre), Stanford University, Garrett, Sperry, and through a MIT design course. He was awarded a Ph.D. Electrical Engineering at McGill University, Montreal, Que., Canada. (Northern Electric Fellow) and a B.Eng. Electrical Engineering McGill University, (1st Class Honors, University Scholar, Phi Epsilon Alpha Honor Society.) He has published over 35 papers and has successfully consulted for over a dozen companies in the last twenty five years that included recent clients of Orbital Sciences, Boeing, L-3 Communications, and Northrop Grumman.


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