BIOCHEMICAL MASS SENSING – MPT has prototyped a chemical sensor system formed from a micro machined resonant structure with multiple resonant elements, tracking resonator control electronics, and signal processing algorithms. The moving elements of the resonator are coated with chemically active materials that change mass when exposed to the target chemical resulting in a change in frequency or period of oscillation. The resolution of this design is better than 10-13 gram. This product can be employed in chemical sensing, biological sensing, particle detection, and other related gravimetric sensing applications. MPT holds a patent for the design which is Resonant Micromachined Biochemical Sensor US 9222867 B2

PRECISION ALTIMETER FOR DRONE APPLICATIONS – MPT has a 0.01% accuracy pressure sensor system under development which meets the lane separation performance specified by the FAA. This low power pressure sensor is very small, and able to fit in a 0.37inch diameter tube. This product is designed to tolerate shocks on the order of 20,000 g’s and can endure temperatures over 150°C. This device is also ideal for borehole sensing, deep sea sensing, and precision barometric pressure sensing.

HIGH-G RANGE ACCELEROMETER – MPT has designed a novel, miniature 210 g range accelerometer for use in advanced interceptor guidance. MPT is looking for partners for the development of MEMS accelerometer to move the conceptual designs forward to a product development. This core technology can also be modified to perform as a tactical grade accelerometer for navigation in conjunction with a GPS.

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