FULL SERVICE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: MPT provides the capability to develop MEMS-based systems from customer defined top-level requirements. MPT has extensive expertise creative development of solutions, in intellectual property assessment, in systems requirements flow down, and development of products; expertly managed based upon MPT R&D management expertise.

MEMS DESIGN SERVICES: MPT employs state-of-the-art design tools, proven MEMS foundry affiliations, and extensive experience including intellectual property assessment to develop devices, control electronics, system integration, packaging and testing. Key areas of expertise include the following technologies:

  • MEMS/Nano Device Design – sensor/actuator design, mask design, wafer processing sequence development, wafer level assembly, hermetic packaging, and wafer level testing.
  • Mechanical Design – experienced in mechanical design, solids modeling, stress/strain analysis, modal analysis, shock analysis, thermal analysis, and systems dynamics analysis.
  • Electronics Design – specializing in low noise electronics design for sensing, driving and controlling MEMS devices. Integral design services with the MEMS design for low noise, low capacitance, shielding, biasing, and interconnection. Experienced in capacitive, electromagnetic, piezoelectric, piezoresistive, atomic force, and quantum tunneling sensor technology. Experienced in analog and digital electronics design including design of ASICs and FPGAs. Extensive experience in high temperature and radiation hard (prompt and total dose) electronics design.
  • Device Physics Design – experience includes silicon semiconductor design, magnetic circuit design, electrostatic field analysis, and radiation analysis.
  • Dynamic Systems Analysis – expertise in performing complex analysis of analog and digital systems using Matlab/Simulink. Simulation of algorithms in interaction with the dynamic systems model allows for proofing prior to fabrication of first prototype and for direct translating into software code.
  • Packaging – design expertise in packaging for extreme shock, high vibration, thermal exposure, and radiation. Solids’ modeling is utilized to support analysis and rapid prototyping with direct digital prototype manufacturing.
  • System integration and Testing – MPT is experienced in MEMS system integration and test. MPT boasts unique capability to manipulate devices, mechanical manipulation, and electrical connections at the micro level.

QUICK-TURN MEMS PROTOTYPING SERVICES: MPT provides rapid prototyping of MEMS sensors and electronics using the following capabilities:

  • UCSB Nanofabrication facility for MEMS fabrication
  • UCSB Materials Research Laboratory for material analysis
  • Quick-turn printed circuit board manufacturing and hand board population.
  • Transition to Production MEMS fabrication

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